The beginnings

A definition

Pollini 1982
April 1982. Listening to Contemporary Music: Sylvano Bussotti – Paolo Castaldi

To begin with - a definition. Interensemble is first of all an ensemble, that is, a group of people who share passions and objectives: a passion for music with research of the new as its principle objective. The journey undertaken is long. Several of the group have changed over the years and there have been many alternations, but there has remained an original nucleus of five or six founder members who have conveyed to others the enthusiasm for the adventurous search of the new.

The prefix ‘inter’ in front of the word ‘ensemble’ contains many interconnecting meanings and also something vaguely mysterious. At the beginning of the eighties, the Ensemble Intercontemporain in Paris has already been in existence for several years, and in a certain sense, we wanted to relate to that experience launched by Pierre Boulez. However, what we really wanted was to cross the trends of other contemporary arts with the contorted trajectories of contemporary music. In Interensemble’s original nucleus there were, besides instrumentalists and composers, also poets, graphic and video artists, dancers and choreographers, an architect, a mime and several computer specialists.

B. Beggio. From Interensemble 3.0 – About its thirty years

The beginnings

Cracovia 1983
4 March 1983. Rzeszów, Kameralna Fiharmonii Hall

The group of musicians who participated at that event become the first nucleus of Interensemble, and straightaway there arose the opportunity of reuniting it in a project that foresaw an exchange of concerts with the Krakow Academy of Music, where I had studied until a couple of years previously. Interensemble immediately debuted with a series of four concerts in Poland. It must be said that Padua at the time wasn’t exactly virgin territory regarding contemporary music. For several years at the Pollini Conservatory there had already been the Electronic Music studio founded by Teresa Rampazzi, one of the Italian pioneers in the field, and contemporary music had been well-established at Padua University’s Centre of Computer Sonology, founded by Alvise Vidolin and Graziano Tisato. What was missing was a group of instrumentalists and composers determined to produce and organize new music.

B. Beggio. From Interensemble 3.0 – About its thirty years/p>


I testi di Dinu e Marta Ghezzo, Tom Johnson e Salvatore Macchia pubblicati in
Interensemble 3.0 - Il punto sui trent'anni

Dinu e Marta Ghezzo
Tom Johnson
Salvatore Macchia
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Progetti letterari
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