The New Music - La Musica d'Oggi

La tradizione dell'innovazione
Le formazioni modulabili
Una carriera internazionale

The tradition of innovation

From 1983 Interensemble represents the experimentation and research in the field of music. Its activity, by now an established tradition, aims at promoting innovative and contemporary art music of the XX and XXI centuries.

Adaptable formations

Interensemble organizes its internal elements in numerous instrumental formations in such a way that it is able to perform many different repertories. The group ranges from soloist to 10 or more elements - with the possibility of modifications and additional players - and consists of more classically-orientated formations such as string quartet and a flute-clarinet-violin-cello-piano quintet, as well as more unusual combinations involving electronic support.
“In the present tendencies of Veneto music there exists a microcosm that sums up the vaster aspects of a type of music that still loves research, but a gentle research that facilitates the emergence not only of thoughts but also, and above all, of the person, of man.” (R. Cresti).

An international career

From its official debut in Krakow in 1983, Interensemble has on numerous occasions been invited to important Festivals and Institutions to hold conferences and concerts, particularly focusing on Italian music. Interensemble has performed its own music in countries such as France, Belgium, Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Finland, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Croatia, Mexico, USA and many others, successively performing works by Italian composers together with an international repertory.

Its history

Interensemble came into existence as an independent musical research activity, following an urgent need for change and renewal free of trends, ideologies, compositional techniques and pre-existing organizational strategies. It was founded at the initiative of the pianist and composer Bernardino Beggio, reuniting those musicians in the Veneto region who had been dedicating themselves to contemporary performance. From then on, research and experimentation have become the guidelines that have led the Ensemble’s activities through many of the possible itineraries of contemporary music throughout the world: France, Germany, Poland, Finland, Czechoslovakia, Greece, Ireland, Romania, Spain, Croatia, Egypt, Mexico. From 1997 the Ensemble has regularly undertaken tours in the USA and has recorded for Rai Italy, Radio Prague, BRT Belgium, Radio Poland, RTE Ireland, Radio Egypt, Radio Croatia, Radio-television Rumania, the National Spanish Radio and Portuguese Television.

Bernardino Beggio
Founder member and conductor of Interensemble

Bernardino Beggio Interensemble

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